Celebrating International Dot Day

In Ms. Kaplan's Media/STEM class, students celebrated International Dot Day on September 15th. International Dot Day encourages creativity, courage and collaboration.

Parents Night For 2022-2023

Hello everyone, hope you all had a wonderful Summer. As we begin the new school year on Tuesday September 6th, please be aware of the following concerning Parents Nights throughout the Union City School District in 2022-2023.

The 1st Annual Young Marines Celebration

Everyone in attendance had an incredible 1st annual Young Marines celebration on Friday July 29th at the Emerson Middle School. 45 students graduated with the rank of Young Marines private. It was a privilege for all of these proud parents to cheer on their child as they showed off their abilities during the very impressive drill presentation.

Summer Recreation Fun

Here is some of the fun Roosevelt School students have been having while attending the Union City Summer Recreation Program. All of these activities have kept our students engaged during their time off. It's been all smiles and fulfillment for them.

Fun with the Union City Police Department K9 Unit

Students attending the Union City Recreation Program at the Roosevelt School enjoyed a visit with Officer Sergio DeRojas and Boom from the Union City Police Department K9 Unit. Officer DeRojas demonstrated some of the tasks Boom is trained to carry out.

Basketball Fun at the Union City Summer Recreation Program

Here are some of our students enjoying the basketball sessions that are a part of the Union City Summer Recreation Program. Certainly, this will help them exercise and develop their skills during before the beginning of the next year school year in September.

Roosevelt Rocks

Our 6th grade classes wanted to leave a little something behind before they move on to their respective middle school. They each painted a rock with a design of self-expression. All the rocks were placed along a tree in our front yard. The rocks will be a reminder of the 6th Grade Class of 2022.
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