Thanksgiving Fun

Ms. Abdeljaber's Kindergarten class celebrated Thanksgiving with many different activities. Decorations were made, meals were shared and memories were made.

Celebrating Thanksgiving

Our faculty and staff enjoyed a nice breakfast, which was hosted by the Roosevelt School Administration to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Interesting Science Experiments

Mrs. Granata's Homeroom 213 has been busy observing their science experiments. They have been using their 5 senses to help them record their results. It was a very educational exercise.

Our Rock Stars For September and October

We are so incredibly proud of these students who have started off our school year by demonstrating qualities like determination, kindness, compassion and courtesy to those around them. Roosevelt is moving #SELforward

Thanking Our Veterans

Mrs. Soares & Mrs. Simon's 1st grade students pay tribute to our veterans, especially our very own Roosevelt School Parent, Eilan Garcia. Thank you for your service!

Thank You To Our Veterans

Ms. DeAngelo & Mrs. Simon's kindergarten students thanked our veterans. It was a special day to honor all who have served.

November Calendar

Happy November!
Please be aware of the one session days as well as the holidays this month as the calendar is available for everyone to view.

October Memories

Ms. Abdeljaber's Kindergarten students shared some memories from the month of October. They consisted of the wonderful pumpkins donated by Union City Mayor Brian Stack, the importance of pink hearts for breast cancer awareness and enjoying Halloween.

Celebrating Halloween

Cheers to Mrs. Soares and Mrs. Simon's 1st grade students as they celebrated Halloween with their excellent costumes.
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