About Us



Theodore Roosevelt Elementary school is committed to promote student achievement of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards by focusing on the teaching and learning process. 



Roosevelt Elementary School strives to be the focal point of the academic, ethical and social growth of the community it serves.  We seek to do so in an inviting, healthy and peaceful setting.  As part of the commitment, we promise to provide each student an education free of discrimination in a safe, secure environment that is conducive to learning.


We strive to be devoted, compassionate and highly competent professionals whose goal is not only to educate our children but to keep open the line of communication with the families of our students and with the broader community. The entire Roosevelt School staff will work diligently to insure that the families of our students feel welcome. 


Furthermore, we will make certain that all students are afforded opportunities to resolve potential conflicts and to engage in extra-curricular activities that promote school spirit. It is our earnest pledge that this mission statement is the driving force behind our daily achievement of these goals.