Ms. Cerullo's 6th Grade Class Rewarded for "Make A Difference Coin Challenge" to Raise Money for Paramus Veterans Home

Ms. Cerullo's 6th-grade students Melanie & Guadalupe took to heart a message left by a local veteran Lucy Del Gaudio who challenged the Roosevelt students this past holiday season asking them how they could help out a Veteran.  With the support of their teacher and Principal Marth O'Connell, the class embarked on gifts for the residents such as stuffed animals, lollipops, and homemade cards to the Veteran's Memorial Home in Paramus. They wrote letters of assistance and the Fair Lawn PBA #67 donated a check for their cause.  
Melanie & Guadalupe holding letter for Ms. Cerullo from Paramus Vets     girl with officer Vasquez
Mrs. Del Gaudio, with the assistance of Officer Lou Vazquez of the Fair Lawn Police Department and PBA, hosted a pizza party and presented the kids with “You Make A Difference” Challenge Coins. I couldn’t be more honored and humbled for the kindness and compassion these 6th graders displayed.
Mrs. Del Gaudio, Officer Vasquez, & Principal O'Connell talking to room 302 students     boy wearing Vasquez' vest