Photo Album

students looking at modern art
three boys posing in front of a animal skull picture
students with hands up in front of black and white line wall art work
students sitting in front of the archer sculpture mounted on top of a pillar
student posing in front of an neo-classical building front
group photo in front classical building front
hyroglific tower
group photo in front of the hyroglyfic structure
two side by side Egyptian god sculptures sitting down
Boy on a bicyle type over yellow rollers
four boys watching friend ride bike over rollers
kids lined up to crank up a machine
girl riding a bicyle type over rollers
boy interacting with screen
two boys at the tracks of galileo
boy interacting with the mathaneum
Boy on a bicyle type over yellow rollers
boy and girl about to face each other on the bicyle types over yellow rollers
boys & girls at the math mash table creating patterns
boy at a cylinder activity
two boys at a dinosaur magnetic wall
two boys at a dinosaur magnetic wall
happy girl inside a car tire with a stuffed animal in her lap
boy inside a tire
a boy lying down on two tires
girl sitting on top of two tires pilled up
boy inside two piled tires
boy inside of three tires piled up
girl sitting on three pilled up tires