Photo Album

Four staff members posing as superheros
administration showing strong arm as heroes
Four staff members posing as superheros
four girls wearing yellow shirts
boy and girls wearing yellow for superhero
teacher and children proudly wearing yellow shirts
Four staff members posing as superheros wearing yellow shirts
bulletin display of shirts hanging on line with anti-bullying message
stop bullying t-shirt designs hanging on line
bulletin display what it means to be a superhero
large hang out to dry t-shirt anti-bullying display rooms 208 & 209
children showing off their superhero t-shirts
Superwoman teacher
boys showing off their superhero t's
2nd grade class showing off their super hero t's
Wonder Woman Teacher
Students showing how strong they are in their superhero t's
Superhero pose by 1st grade class with teacher
smiling kids with their superhero t's
12 teachers showing off their superhero t's
support superhero pretending to fly over bullys
6th grade showing showing their superhero t's
two girls holding hoola hoops wearing superhero t's
1st graders acting strong in their superhero t's
boys and girls say their strong while they wear their superhero t's
Happy teacher poses with her 3 superhero students
3rd grade class of super heros
four students proudly wear their superhero t's
2nd floor teacher gather as superhero
4th grade girls and boys proud to be superhero
Room 602 superhero boys and girls
3rd graders giving the peace sign in their superhero t's
Happy room 203 and its teacher posing in superhero t's
students flying over bullys in their superhero t's
student posing with their superhero t's
students against bullying wearing superhero t's
3rd graders and teacher showing off their superhero t's
students against locker against bullying
boy with his avengers shirt
two boys wearing superhero t's
superhero poses by 5th grade
support staff wearing superhero t's
6th grades wearing superhero t's
6th grade superhero's
5th grade superhero's
6th grade superhero's
Superhero yellow team
yellow superhero team students
more superhero yellow team
room 702 boy & girl wear superhero t's
teacher & student from 702
Ms R and her student superhero pose
three superhero boys
Superhero's room 704
superhero girls
boy, girl, and support teacher posing as superhero's
ms pinzon and four girls superhero pose
Ms A and her group superhero pose
moffo, mcnerney, and garcia wearing yellow
clerk showing off superhero t's