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Back to School Night 2018

Roosevelt Administrative Team
6th Grade Teachers welcoming parents to a new year
6th grade parents listening attentively
Mrs. Pinzon going over class rules with new parents
Mrs. Pinzon showing parents the school sweatshirt
2nd grade teacher discussing class rules
first grade teacher going over this years goals
small group resource teacher welcoming parents
3rd grade teacher going over this years syllabus
2nd grade class parents happily sitting in class
3rd grade teacher and parents happily present
kindergarten teacher and new parents happily posing
kindergarten teacher welcoming parents to her class
1st grade teacher addressing her new parents
question answer moment after the presentation
support staff ready for a new year
math support teacher going over the curriculumn with parents
ela support teacher with her new parents
4th Grade teacher and parents happily going over curriculumn
3rd grade teacher discussing her class procedures with parents
teacher listening attentively to parents questions
5th grade teacher happily welcoming parents to her class
6th grade teacher and parents showing how eager they are to start a new year
parents lining up to sign into the teachers parent sign in list
5th grade male teacher laughing at parents joke
6th grade teacher going over her welcome to school presentation
1st grade teacher presentation about this years topics
2nd grade teacher going over school calendar
5th grade teacher informing parents about school supplies
support teachers on hand to answer parents questions
World Language teacher discussing language goals
classroom teacher going over math text book with parents
4th grade teacher with her interpreter going over class rules
teacher and her interpreter talking about this years objectives
parents listening attentively to teachers presentation
the science teacher with her interpreter talking about the science curriculumn
teacher proudly posing with parents on back to school night
ELA teacher and her interpreter covering this years themes
parents thanking teacher for her time
teacher laughing at parents humor